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The player will see a series of shaped blocks falling on the grid, the only difference being that they can't control how they line up on the grid. Whether you are able to sit down and watch in this situation, or if you find this confusion and confusion is frustrating, it is definitely a touchstone to determine if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder!




The player bets 1 point and presses the game, causing the Tetris block to be randomly combined. If a line appears, it will get a credit return of 0.10. If another single line appears, it will pay an additional 0.40 chips, while the third single line will add 2 chips and the fourth line will pay 10 more chips. On the other hand, a two-line converts one credit line into two credit rewards, the second doubles eight credits, the third adds 40 credits, and the fourth adds 200 credits.