Indian Myth

Offering one of the most imaginative backgrounds you can imagine, you will be able to rest on a flower bed and your mind will drift leisurely. Although we are obviously disappointed, we hope to get 8 wins, so we started to get three to five cards on our active victory line.


In the process you are considering, you will be accessed by several symbols, some of which are inspired by the game itself, while other symbols will be worn in a card set, bringing a variety of money but no change in style. All in all, this is a fascinating picture for us, but does it fit its aesthetics?

Japan Fortune

The colours have been carefully modified to provide black, grey, blue and white shades that contrast sharply with the reels, giving an almost monochromatic appearance. The pagoda peeping from the edge of the scene is a sign of your arrival in the East, adding a sense of serenity and happiness.



The scattered victory doubles the bonus and also offers free spins. Free spins can be re-triggered, so if you are lucky, this award can be extended indefinitely! During the free spin, the wild symbols on reels 2 and 4 are transformed into extended sticky wild animals that can even help you grow further.

jin qian wa

This provides more Far East symbols, including ruby scorpions, golden tortoises, ivory elephants and green dragons. There is also a white and black Yin/Yang symbol, a board with Chinese letters, and some high-card icons with Chinese style writing. The first thing to do before starting your trip to the East is to choose a bet for each spin. This game has 40 paylines, you can choose to play as many paylines as you want, or choose as few paylines as you want per spin.

This symbol appears on the second, third and fourth reels, rotating 3 or more trigger free spins, which gives the opportunity to initially enjoy 8 free spins. In this round, additional gold plaques appear on the screen to provide more crazy chances of winning.

Li Kui Pi Yu

Time to deal with those cute fish and get gold from them, its quite simple that u just need to shoot them!




Kimochi is a slot game based on japanese school uniform girl. She will help you to get the Jackpot in this slot game if you trust them!


Li Kui Pi Yu 10000

It's time to deal with the cute fish and get more and more gold coins from it. It's very simple, you just need to shoot them with your full power!



king derby

Lets bet with the epic horse Derby casino game! Its almost like real life horse betting game but just in 2D.


irish luck

Show line bets and total bets after the player makes a selection, but as always, choose bets that reflect your style of play and don't bet more than you can afford! The sum is 10 to 2, 250 is 3, 2, 500 is 4 and 10,000 is 5. Wild has doubled all other wins she participated in. When this happens, you can see the female with flame hair standing in the sun-drenched fields, and the butterfly fluttering at the roundabout. She is a sight of sore eyes, no doubt.



Other high-value signs include gold horseshoes and love rings. These have matching values in the billing table, with five highest payouts of 750 in a row. Four are 125, three are 25, and two are two.

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