Silver Bullet

All of the above may make it sound complicated, but don't be fooled because the title is like the classic slot machine of the past few years.





It may be classic, but as we all know, slot games need more than just a lasting image. Does the Silver Bullet have an illusory touch? Read the comments below to find out more! The Dollar Ball system also chooses five random numbers. If you manage to guess all five numbers correctly, you win the dollar ball bonus. On the surface, this little side game doesn't really look like much. But in fact this is a side game with great potential. The dollar ball award usually represents a change in life's cash, and certainly worth playing.

Zao Chai Jin Bao

Zhao Cai Jin Bao is a slot machine that focuses on the pure beauty of Chinese culture. It has a well-designed game symbol depicting some traditional celebration props. There are some images showing the dragon costumes used in traditional dragon dance performances and the Chinese guardian lions, showing all its golden glory.





For example, the 9 icon has an orange color, which is one of the real gifts for young children. At the same time, the A symbol appears as a red envelope, usually full of money, and gives children and singles a symbol of luck and prosperity.

Thai Paradise

We can imagine that Thailand is the country that most people want to visit. This Southeast Asian country is known for its glorious history, with many religious sites such as Wat Arun Buddhist temple, not to mention the outstanding natural beauty and famous nightlife. However, if you plan to travel to Thailand in the near future, please do not make the same mistakes with these American tourists!





The betting options range from 1.00 credits per line to 10.00 credits per line, which essentially means that the minimum bet on all paylines is 15.00 credits, while the largest is 150.00 - not the high-rolling benefits, although it will be nice to see Go to some smaller options to get more casual gamblers.

Zao Chai Tong Zi

His slot machines are a bit lightweight in bonus games, with no free spins or extra side games to break the basic game action. Zhao Cai Tongzi takes this legend as the theme and features four-person children's characters. Each person holds the iconic image of Chinese traditional culture - koi, gold yuan pot, mature peach and gold-like bat-shaped symbols.





We have no authority over the complexity of ancient Asian culture, and our Mandarin is not very clear. However, we can make educated guesses that the title of the slot machine is the child's God of Wealth, also known as the Shanzi Boy and Sudhanakumara.

Thai Temple

At least the theme is very original, and the only other Thai themed games we can think of are Thai Flowers in Barcrest and Thai Paradise in Playtech. These symbols are typical Thai symbols, although we found the Monk symbol wrong, because Thai monks do not wear beards, which makes him look more Japanese than Thais. In addition to the monks, we also have golden dragons, dogs, beautiful Thai ladies, tigers, golden Buddhas and temples.





Themes in China and Japan are more common in Asian culture, but as Thailand's increasingly popular holiday destinations, we imagine that players are becoming more familiar with their culture and related symbolism.

Iron Man 3

When you can unite Iron Man, War Machine and Iron Patriots in the middle of the reels 1, 3 and 5, it will trigger All Systems Go Re-Spin, where all 3 symbols count for double prizes.





Each of our 3 heroes will trigger their own version of Arm Of Armor Free Spins, Mark 42 (that Iron Man) gets 10 free games, of which Wild Power Sources freezes 3 free spins - let us hope he The heart will not freeze too! War Machine will trigger 8 free games, with Random Wild Power Sources distributed on the reels every 3 rotations. And, in the end, the Iron Patriots will trigger 15 free games with a dynamic multiplier of 2x - 5x. If the Iron Patriot appears in the free spin, he will increase the multiplier by one on the next rotation. If he does not appear, the multiplier will decrease by one on the next rotation.

Three Kingdom

Each kingdom has a green, blue or red color code. Each of them has a different landscape, from the city to the mountains or the lush bamboo forest. Select your kingdom on the map, or use the Change Kingdom button to switch sides at any time during the game.





The choice is yours, so you can adjust the settings as you like. The automatic switch on the top of the reel triggers the automatic play game mode. Activate it to make the same bet in several consecutive rotations and speed up the entire game. All automatic game wins will be added to your personal credit history.

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