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Players can choose innovative live dealers, immersive slot games and more fun table games. Innovation is our main focus and the first choice for your online gaming industry. Our Newtown goal is to keep releasing new games that you can easily install or upgrade to stay fresh and fun.

Yu Wang Da Di

Assuming you want to use all 20 paylines, you can use an overall minimum bet of 0.20 and an overall maximum bet of 500 per spin. You can use other enhancements while playing, such as the "turbo" option, which allows you to spin the reels faster to speed up the pace of the game.




You can try to play Fei Cui Gong Zhu, a slot for Playtech, with 20 paylines, free spins and bonus rounds, and a tranquil atmosphere that even includes a delightful lily pond. The best feature of this game is the jackpot, which can be triggered at any time during any rotation.

Age Of God Fate Sister

There are four different reel backgrounds and reel groups on the new Fate Sisters slot. Each sister has its own dedicated shrine for their respective reward rounds and a base game. They are all typical Greek designs, with high columns and spacious open areas to accommodate reels.




Both wildlife are located in the temples of Lachesis and Clotho. Lachesis offers you 10 free spins to re-trigger frozen wildlife. When the wild appears, they will continue to rotate three times, and further field landing at the same location will restart the process. Both games have the same extra 3 rotations, which you may need to do at Clotho's Temple, which only takes 8 rotations.

Zao Chai Jin Bao

There is also a phoenix symbol representing the renewal and a pair of koi positions in the yin and yang position, symbolizing the good fortune of the coming year. The wild symbol of the game is presented as a man in traditional oriental clothing, while the scatter icon is a golden hat.




When the symbol is replaced to complete the victory, the wild icon will double the value of the player's win. Other than that, there is nothing to say. There are no free spins, no stacked wilds, no special bonus games. However, this game is still very interesting, just because it is very beautifully designed. The game screen is not overlooked, and each symbol has an authentic oriental motif and vivid colors.

Age Of The God Furios 4

Thanks to four special characters - Apollo, Pandora, Hephaestus and Atlas, this slot machine is also full of rewards. Most importantly, there are four different jackpots to compete for.




There is a character portraying Atlas, for example, a Titan god condemned by Zeus to hold the sky above the ground forever. Then Pandora, the first mortal created by the gods, opened a box of fate and released evil to the human world. Other symbols in the game include Hephaestus, a distorted god full of flames, work and craftsmanship, and Apollo, the patron of music, art, archery, medicine and light.

Zao Chai Tong Zi

However, what really makes the spinner feel good is the chance to win a line bet multiplier worth 10,000 times, not to mention the fact that all paylines are paid in both directions.




For slot machines, there may be no better mascot than a poor child, who magically brought money to the people of his kingdom. Zhao Cai Tongzi takes this legend as the theme and features four-person children's characters. Each person holds the iconic image of Chinese traditional culture - koi, gold yuan pot, mature peach and gold-like bat-shaped symbols.

Age Of The God Prince Of Olympus

The reason is just an epic epic. The typical Greek hero (also the son of Zeus) is known for his superhuman power and his bold adventures, also known as 12 workers. These stunts include killing a giant lion, a nine-headed sea monster, eating human raptors, and capturing a variety of creatures and precious treasures such as Artemis, Erymanthian wild boar, Cretan bull and Saber. Ruth's golden back - the three-headed hound guards the underworld.




In fact, the quality of the graphics presented in this game is very gorgeous. The detailed two-dimensional illustrations represent the iconic symbols in the heroic story, such as the spiked club, the reinforcement band, the golden apple, the three-headed Cerebus and the nine-headed beast. snake.

5 Tiger General

The game controls follow the company's tried and tested method. There is an arrow on the left side of the reel adjustment line bet, from 0.04 to 0.40, and the spin button on the right side of the reel.




Press and hold this button for one second to activate automatic rotation and select the number of rotations that should be performed on your behalf. When this happens, the reel will outline the flame; click on it and the fifth reel will stop. Even if you have proven that there is no success in matching 5 identical generals, 4 is enough to give you some decent cash.

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