Bounty Of the BeansTalk

The highest bet is a rotation of 500 euros. Sadly, although the big expenses are clear, there is no chance to double in this game. The principle of paying for a combination in Beanstalk's Bounty will not surprise experienced players.




It has visual appeal similar to fairy Jack and bean stalks, and the animation is very interesting. There are symbols in the game, including - wooden axe, 'Magic Bean', Jack's wife and cows. Other symbols representing A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9 are also included in the game and remain at a lower value. There is a Wild symbol included in the game with scatter symbols. When playing the game, as a bounty of the cardamom symbol of the wild symbol, the "Jack" and "Giant" symbols are scattered.

Cash Blox

The player will see a series of shaped blocks falling on the grid, the only difference being that they can't control how they line up on the grid. Whether you are able to sit down and watch in this situation, or if you find this confusion and confusion is frustrating, it is definitely a touchstone to determine if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder!




The player bets 1 point and presses the game, causing the Tetris block to be randomly combined. If a line appears, it will get a credit return of 0.10. If another single line appears, it will pay an additional 0.40 chips, while the third single line will add 2 chips and the fourth line will pay 10 more chips. On the other hand, a two-line converts one credit line into two credit rewards, the second doubles eight credits, the third adds 40 credits, and the fourth adds 200 credits.

Fish Prawn Crab

The player places the bet on a board with six photos, which bets will appear. If a dice corresponds to a bet, the same amount as the bet is better obtained. If the two dice correspond to the bet, then it is better to get twice the money. If the three dice correspond to the bet, it is better to get three times their money. For example, if a person places 3 on a fish and the dealer rolls 2 fish and a buck, the punter will receive 6.




Chao Ji 888

The number 8 is a special number in Asia, especially in China, and this number is greatly supported by those who are eager to keep good luck. Why is that? This is not clear, but no one can deny that due to the shape of 8, it will continue to move forward, never swinging or losing sense of direction.




You only need to cut 0.01 credits to get started. This is neither here nor there, even the lowest income can pay for such a punt. That being said, you will continue to have to play this amount down, and if you don't record your losses and your victory, it will soon add up. Fortunately, there is a counter that tells you the current balance on the left side of the screen.

Fruit Mania

As promised, Fruit Mania looks and feels like a prototype retro game that most players are already familiar with. Forget complex animations and sound effects here, the Bally Wulff team makes things very simple.

An almost uniform orange background is needed to set the mood, and the regular reel is set in a rectangular box. These symbols have been redesigned to give a more modern feel, but in addition, Fruit Mania is so retro. You may also want to skip the settings and mini-games completely to focus on the rotation. In this case, simply activate the auto-start game mode and Fruit Mania will rotate the reel itself and save your settings.

Dragon Kingdom

With five spinning reels for each of the three symbols, this is everything you need to create a lot of winning possibilities. Add 20 potential paylines and you have a set of Dragon Kingdom. Remember that you need to arrange the symbols on the active payline to win the relevant cash rewards. Take a look at the command bar at the bottom of the game screen and adjust all settings before letting the reels spin.




In the second group, you will find magic books, potions, witches and wizards. In terms of design, all these symbols look gorgeous. And you'll be happy to learn that if you get long-term combinations on the reels, they can also offer a lot of cash rewards.

Gladiator Jackpot

In addition to the jackpot, you can win the 5,000 coin award by winning 5 emperor symbols (Huajin Phoenix). In addition, slot games really come alive when you see clips in iconic movies in the game.




Display 9 gold, silver or bronze helmets for cash rewards - this is a 'Pick Me' style feature with 9 options. If you trigger the Gladiator Jackpot feature during a free spin, you won't be able to win a jackpot - you can only earn a jackpot when triggered from the base game.

Egypt Spin

Egyptian spins with enhanced bonus rounds, free spins, and a wild symbol to help you get more bonuses. The ancient Egyptian theme is one of the most popular slots, although the function of the Egyptian rotating video slot is not new, but the quality of the design should ensure that it becomes a firm favorite.




Pyramids, temples and palm trees are all packed into a special wild symbol that can replace other icons. Fortunately, create more winning lines for you. This symbol does not appear on the left scroll, so it cannot be a single line or a bonus symbol.

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