Cai Yuan Guang Jin

On the reel you will find a lot of traditional Chinese symbols, guaranteed to bring you good luck. Red is also considered a very auspicious color, so wealth should be by your side! In the symbol you will find lucky coins, fortune cookies, Foo Dogs, dragons and koi and representatives of high value playing cards. Rotating five matching Foo Dogs on an active payline will earn you a maximum of 5,000, but other symbols can help you win more prizes.





Wild symbols can represent other symbols on the board that are useful when trying to match the winning line. Any bonus won with a wild symbol will automatically double. There is also a scatter symbol that can pay for your bet multiples, including matching up to five x100!

Crazy 7

This setup contains three spinning reels, one of which is sliced in between. The reels can also be stopped between symbols, which is also a feature of retro slot games. The goal of the game is still to get a winning combination on the payline. You can bet one, two or three coins in the next rotation by clicking the Bet One button - or the Bet Max shortcut, all in one click.


An arcade-like experience and good challenges. Despite seemingly small and simple scroll settings, getting a real big win in Crazy 7 is not that easy. Therefore, perhaps only hardcore gamblers can truly appreciate this game.

bonus bears

This game is a penny game, it is also possible to meet the requirements of the high roller. The maximum bet that players can earn in this game is $125. In addition to betting .50 x 10 credits, you can play 25 paylines. The gameplay is simple and the animations are impressive, making this lucrative slot machine game one of the games you have to try. If you are lucky, you can take home the 5000 coins offered in this game.





Da Fu Xiao Fu

To get a prize, you need to match the symbols on the valid payline; all symbols have different values. Lower-value symbols need to match three to pay for the bonus, while others cost a little more than just pay for two matches.





The most important symbol, a child filled with jewels, gets a 10,000 jackpot to match five. In general, the more you match, the more bonuses you have. In addition to the payline, you can also modify the value of each coin, set it to a minimum of 0.01 and increase it to a maximum of 1.00. You can bet up to 10 coins per line for extra flexibility.

cai shen bao bao Baby Chai Shen

The image itself is auspicious and should bring good luck; there are turtles and koi, as well as the god of wealth, the god of wealth. There are some additional opportunities to win with special symbols, such as wildness and dispersion. Caishen is a wild symbol that can represent any other regular symbol on the reels. This helps to win more easily. If you use the wild symbol to get a bonus, your prize will also include 5 free spins and x3 multipliers.





There is no music in the background, but when you rotate the reel, you will be affected by the short-lived traditional oriental music, which helps to set the scene.

Derby Express

You can get your account up and running with a minimum deposit of $10, and you can bet in six unique ways. Your bet can be as low as $2, and like all of these online casinos and sports betting, Derby offers a new deposit based on the first deposit.



Chu Shen God's Kitchen

God's kitchen caters to the public. No matter which one you choose, whether it is the smallest or the highest (1 credit), you must sort out the number of these valuable credits based on 20 lines. Players can only have one per line, but they can also increase to 10; if you choose the highest total of all three options, your final bet will be 200 Euros.





As we mentioned at the beginning, the chefs of God's kitchen have their own bonuses at the table, but only for those who deserve it. In order to select six buns, the user must obtain three or more bonus icons.

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