Derby Night

Promote it by a coach who finds up to 300 coins, a hostess of up to 500 coins, and a winner's bouquet of up to 1,000 coins. Of course, the highest payout bonus is reserved for the winner's cup, worth up to 1,500 coins.



The game has four bonus symbols to find two jockeys and two horses, each with a function. The jockey in green and red silk is the first prize jockey, and he will win 2,500 coins when he spins 5.

Drunken Jungle

Rock outcrop against the horizon. Tenacious trees spread around and curled up together - but what animals might be hidden underneath? Drunken Jungle's creature is a group of elusive creatures, except that the rhinoceros tilts on the reel and the tongue sticks out. His emotional object is a huge frothy beer! On the reels you can find bars, bananas, sunglasses, grapes, jungle huts and mini beer mugs, if any, with a bunch of eclectic symbols!


Double Fortune

Assuming you have passed this stage, the slot will continue to grant the user 15 special rounds and add the x3 multiplier to all the victories you have made. It seems that these waves can't be reactivated, so when you have a chance to do so, you'd better take advantage of them.





What makes this level more satisfying is that it can be activated during the Dragon Feature, which actually makes the title come true and doubles your destiny. We usually don't say that slot machines do just that. These are just two icons in the odds table, which means that when you play real cash, you have more things, such as searching for five crane cards.


The method is based on traditional Chinese colors and symbols to create a real effect. There is only one symbol design on the reel, but getting a match is not that simple! There are three different colors to get the best prizes, you need to match the same colors together.


Next is the blue logo with bonuses of 50 and 150, and the green logo with 25 to 75. If you put a mix of three different symbols on the payline - it's much harder than it sounds! - You will catch between 5 and 15.

Dragon Gold

The scatter symbol provides a multiplier for the landing symbol on the board and also provides a free spin. Open the treasure chest and see what you won and immediately spin for free. During your free spin, you can regain the prize and may extend your prize again and again.





Another extra feature during the free spin is the possibility of winning a jackpot. Landing on the three jackpot symbols, you will win one of three potential jackpots, depending on the size of your bet. Another way to influence how much you pay is to set the value of the coin. You can choose from anything from a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00, and you can play up to 10 coins per payline.

Father vs Zombies

Some temporary letters represent high-value poker cards, they are soaked in blood, and are awkward for zombies, everyone has a fixed gaze - the goal is you! Avoid picking up their hands and sticking out baseball bats, focus on your mission, and win the instant cash by spinning the reels to get rid of the threat of the world! All symbols on the reels have different values, and you can win prizes by matching the same symbol on the active payline. Most symbols pay for three matches, but the top few symbols only require two matches to win.





Dragon Tiger

Followed by three letters in the Chinese dictionary, the high-level is blue, green and red background. The advanced symbol is a complex tile of tigers and dragons.


Wild is another elaborate tile with a red background and the word itself on it, replacing all symbols except reward symbols and obstacles. Tiger and Dragon slots always have 1 million ways to win in base games and free spins, but only one random selection will be activated in rotation. To determine the actual number of passes in a round, the game rotates a random number of blocking symbols into the view.

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